Construction Surveillance Decoration

Action Consulting offers complete set up of security cams using solar power to record your site. There is no space that is too big for our services. Worried that you won't catch everything on your security cameras? We are Bocsch certified, so our security cams are wired to record all alarm notifications to hard drives. 


Access Control Decoration

Action Consulting is a licensed Honeywell distributor and vendor. We specialize in installing a complete line of access controls and intrusion detectors. We can customize these security solutions for any size facility ranging from single door access to high-security military installations. 

Construction Services Decoration

Action Consulting provides full renovation services for network operations centers (NOC). We understand that your company's NOC is a crucial part of your security and service, so we offer Make-Ready Services to minimize downtime. Contact Craig Savor for any size project.

Oil & Gas Facilities Decoration

Action Consulting offers specialized services to Oil & Gas Facilities. Safety and security are two major aspects in this industry. Our team ensures these important details by providing site camera surveillance and installing remote gate entry and access control to well sites. Our company also installs SCADA integration and network configuration to make monitoring meters and sensors faster and more efficient. 

Inventory Security Decoration

Inventory is usually a business's most valuable asset, which makes inventory security a crucial process. Property monitoring keeps a record of site comings and goings, alarms on facility doors can immediately notify the authorities to a breach, and security cameras discourage thieves and employee bad behavior. We'll work together to find the right solution for your business.

Estate & Farmland Monitoring Decoration

Action Consulting provides easy access to surveillance of estates and farmlands through installation of specialized security cameras. These cameras run on solar energy when power is down, so you don't have to worry about losing data. The data recorded can also upload directly to your electronic device through cellular or wireless internet connection, so you never have to miss anything.