One on Centre

Highrise Apartments

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We installed 2640 total drops for High Rise Apartments. High Rise Apartments is a 723 bed and 329 unit complex in Pittsburgh, PA. The total drops included:

1061 Coax, 1068 Data, 120 Cameras, 329 WAPS (units), 15 Common Area WAPs, 12 Speakers, 4 Elevators, 10 Media Boxes, 9 (data & coax) Floor Boxes and 12 Emergency Phones. 

Cat6 and RG-6 cabling were homerun from the unit to assigned IDF. Speaker wires were homerun from speaker locations to receiver locations. We installed phone lines to emergency phones and elevator phones. We also installed wall boxes at assigned locations for all data/coax, WAP, emergency phones, elevator phones and camera drops.