About Action Consulting

We engage with numerous clients to provide custom network solutions for security systems, LAN, WAN and custom business needs. Our team installs full wiring infrastructure, fiber and wireless, for new builds at MDU's and commercial buildings.  We specialize in the use of solar and wireless technologies to prevent theft and vandalism at electrical and well site locations and other high risk areas. Action Consulting has experience designing and building infrastructure for assisted living centers and apartment complexes, developing well site camera systems with site automation tied to alarming, and installing power substation camera systems with RF network integration. 


  • Owner

    Ben Schnase, a network professional with over 16 years of success managing and designing WAN and LAN systems. Ben has proven knowledge of core routing and switching utilizing Cisco and MikroTik devices. Ben has consistently driven technology innovation and adoption to fuel growth and competitive advantage in all areas of business. Ben has proven leadership in enterprise technology planning and management and delivering impactful technical solutions to c-level executives as well as outside management and teams.

  • Project Manager

    Craig Savor, a seasoned construction manager is the Project Manager for the Make Ready department here at Action Consulting. Prior to working at Action Consulting, Craig was a supervisor for NX Utilities and started the Make Ready department.